We are hobby breeders of the beautiful Maine Coon Cats. Our breeder cats come from European bloodlines with long lynx tips and an array of colors. They are strong, healthy and affectionate. All of our breeding cats are CFA registered and have been tested and /or the parents tested negative for HCM.

Once you have owned a Maine Coon you will never want to be without one. They steal your heart and remain forever by your side...
           Windtara Maine Coons
We would like to give special Thanks to Nektaria and Karolina for  entrusting us with their beautiful cats.
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My Story...... I have raised and worked with both exotic and domestic animals all of my life. Animals have been my passion since the day of "Lassie". I have never had anything but altered felines in my home, but the Maine Coons captured a special place in my heart. 

I have always entertained the idea to breed Maine Coon cats as they are beautiful, intelligent, loving creatures. I had searched many breeder sites and I came across Nektarcats Maine Coons from Greece and found a wonderful mentor and friend in Nektaria. Of course, over time, she asked me lots of questions about my plans to breed which included husbandry practices to ensure healthy cats and kittens. 

We were blessed when she decided to entrust us with the most magnificent boy "Ares". He is sweet, huge, affectionate and MY Special Boy!

We then decided to find that special female and found "Josephina" from Catroad in Poland. Not only did we find Beautiful "Josephina"  we found a good friend in Karolina. She too wanted to ensure the best for her kittens and after many conversations sent us Josephina an exquisite girl with beautiful markings. 

We have been very fortunate to meet such wonderful friends and for that we are eternally grateful.

Our goals (my feline partner Pamela and I) are to produce healthy kittens of excellent type with nice tufts and good temperments.